boy, i sure enjoy watching sports. when they throw the ball? classic




Guess who just bought a plane ticket to go visit her amazing girlfriend in a month ❤️☺️

but aren’t you a girl

This just in: queer people exist


sorry im poor i cant afford to pay attention


Pro Tip: Instead of having feelings, try being dead inside. Everything is still horrible but you will not care at all.


i feel like flapjack helped further mold my already fucked sense of humor into whatever it is today


for the last fucking time representation does not mean shoving in a queer romance. it means acknowledging we fucking exist. it means a girl saying she likes girls. it means a character doing something as simple as checking out their same gender. you don’t have to be in a relationship to be recognized as queer. representation is not and never has been about ‘ships.’ it’s about normality. it’s about existing for a purpose other than a punchline or a god damned ship


*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what

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i hate when i reply to someone w ‘omg’ and theyre like ‘omg what’ like nothing just omg

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Do you think celebrities just have each others phone numbers and like Miley Cyrus will just text beyonce and be like “dude I want Mac and cheese so badly rn lol”

do you actually think Beyonce would even consider giving that greasy pasty mashed potato being her number

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The improv team I was on in high school only had one rank: “co-captain.” If you joined the improv team, you were automatically a co-captain. It wasn’t to make everyone equal within the club dynamic or anything like that, we just all knew that we would have to list extracurriculars on our college applications, and you could make yourself look more impressive by putting “co-captain” without specifying how many other captains the team had or how a member becomes a captain. 


The fall after you’ve had a mentally stable few days is the worst because you think that things might finally be getting better but then something happens that undoes all of the progress you’ve made and it’s just like oh. here we go again.

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